Thursday, November 1, 2007

Trick or Treat

We had loads of fun last night. Mary Claire enjoyed trick or treating so much that she could not carry her bag by the end of the night...she had gotten way too many treats. She preferred suckers for some reason but was happy to accept chocolate as well. I am surprised she did not have a tummy ache from all the treats. Laurel was happy to go along for the golf cart ride through the neighborhood until her bedtime, but Mary Claire was in no mood to stop. Her Dad and Uncle Nate took her out and she trick or treated for almost a whole hour. I thought that she would be tired out but it only wound her up more. Here are some pictures from last night!

Trick or Treat

Going in the Scary House with Daddy

Getting Treats from Mrs. Elizabeth

Emma, Laurel, & Mary Clarie

Enjoying her Treats

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