Thursday, November 29, 2007

Our Christmas Tree

Wayne and I stuck with our tradition of getting our tree up the day after Thanksgiving even though I think we both could have cared less considering everything that we had been through the week prior. However, we pushed through and let Mary Claire pick out the most beautiful tree we have ever had. I think it stands almost 12 feet high and it really looks amazing in our living room. Here are some pictures of us decorating it....we had some help from Mee (Mary Claire's grandmother), Aunt Kim, Uncle Nathan, and Emma. Laurel could not participate in the festivities...she wanted to sleep instead....maybe next year. Mary Claire had an absolute blast and it was precious to see her so excited and participating so much. I know that with each coming year it will become more and more fun to watch her enthusiasm and to have a hand in teaching her the real meaning of Christmas.

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Allison, Tyler, & Julia said...

Looks beautiful! Mary Claire did a wonderful job decorating! Wish we could have been there. Hopefully one day soon! Miss and Love you all so much! Rod had to leave a little earlier :(! Just got back from the airport and cannot sleep. Talk to you soon! All my love, Al