Thursday, November 1, 2007

Our First Field Trip

Today Mary Claire and I went to Kinsey Farms (a tree farm) for her first field trip. We went on a hayride, fed the fish, heard a story, planted a tree, and had a picnic. Not sure it is a good idea to take a toddler on an early morning field trip after a late night of trick or treating. I know we all have those moments when we wonder what happened to our child. Well today was definitely one of those days....Mary Claire threw several tantrums. I got several know the ones where all the moms are thanking their lucky stars that it is your child and not theirs. Those sympathetic looks you get but you know they are glad it is you and not them. Needless to say that we came home and Mary Claire is now down for a nap and I am wondering if it is too early for a cocktail. Here are some pictures that I captured of our good moments....I know you are all thinking how can something so cute act so awful.....but trust happens!

Mama & Mary Claire on the Hayride

Mary Claire and the Pumpkins (Pumpkins that she did not want any other child near)

Mary Claire and her friend Emma

I do not know what Mama is talking about....I was an ANGEL!


Mary said...

Precious child! Unfortunately, that will only work for so long! Even little Angels throw tantrums. Big ones, at that. She's lucky though, cause we all love her to pieces. Her first real spanking is going to kill her Mama. I know by experience. I remember crying much harder than Katie when I spanked her for the first time. Oh well, she certainly turned out almost perfect. Go figure!!! I love U big as Heaven, Katie. Mama

The Browning's said...

You are too funny! Ella has also been a little demon today, except I got the shocking looks at Target this morning. At least you got some cute pictures from the trip! And she does look like a little angel :)

Jen C, aka Dotti said...

LOL, those looks aren't sympathetic, it's called FEAR. Because we know karma is sure going to get us when we least expect it.

Your pictures are just precious and I am going to believe Mary Claire when she says she's an angel because she certainly looks the part. L

Allison said...

Mary Claire must be related to her Cousin Julia!! Wish we were there! The pictures are sooo cute. I tried making a blog and am have to help me! Love ya'll lots! Allie