Thursday, November 29, 2007


As you probably have has been awhile since I have updated my blog. I have been inundated with sick people and the holidays. I am not sure why but for some reason these go hand in hand since having babies.

It all started on November 16th when Wayne went to his much anticipated vet visit. Of course we knew this is what we wanted. We are done having children...God has given us the most beautiful little girls that anyone could ask for. There is still that lingering thought in the back of your head.....saying........are you SURE?!?! Let's just say that any uncertainties that I might have had are GONE....I'll explain.........

So I accompany Wayne to his visit and he is a nervous wreck....which makes me a nervous wreck for him. After all they are going to be cutting around his most prized possession. Even though I know logically that he will be fine. I mean honestly I have given birth to two children (one without drugs) and I am fine. My anatomy will NEVER be the same so surely a little snip/snip should be a breeze. So to make this short Wayne has the procedure and YES everything is still intact and working properly!!!

So that night...I am crawling into bed feeling glad that this day is almost over and that we can quit worrying about the vasectomy. Now all I have to do is make it through the weekend and make sure that Wayne gets his rest....which should be relatively easy since his parent's are staying with us to help me out. WRONG!!!

At 11:45p Laurel (our baby who is such a good sleeper) wakes up screaming and proceeds to scream off and on until 4a when I finally laid down with her on the couch. She has gotten an awful stomach virus which I know is going to spread like wildfire in our home. Great this is all I need for Wayne to get....since like most men a HUGE baby when sick.

The next morning I was a zombie but I had told Wayne that he could get the new XBox Elite so off to Best Buy I went with my brother in law since he knows more about this thing than me. I got a gift for each child so we agreed that it was only right for Wayne to get one as well....although I think that he got the better end of the deal. I had to endure an intense labor and almost 9 months with both of our babies but a deal is a deal. So Nathan and I buy the XBox and we get to the car and you will never believe this.......I tried to kill myself with the car door. I do not even remember how I manged it exactly but I whacked myself right in the head. I have never seen a goose egg on an adult's head like that ever. Today I still have a big green bruise on my forehead.

So we get home and Laurel is still very fussy and not feeling well and is experiencing everything that goes with the stomach virus. Mary Claire has a really nasty cold and Wayne is in bed playing video games. My in-laws are helping out where they can but when your babies are sick they want their mama. Laurel continued to wake up in the night for the next week and I continued to get up with her.

The following Monday my in-laws where scheduled to go home. My Mother-in-law had gotten an awful sinus infection from Mary Claire and was now sick herself. Wayne had decided to work from home and help me out some because I had now gotten the stomach virus. The in-laws left and I crawled into bed with Mary Claire who was wanting to be right by my side and I thought might as well the sooner you get this the better so we can be well for Thanksgiving. By 2p Mary Claire had spiked a fever of 103 and I called the Dr.........I knew that it was probably viral but I had to take her in to be certain because the holiday was right around the corner and I knew the offices would be closed. So I load her up and fight back vomiting the whole way. Wayne stayed at home with Laurel who still had the virus. It was viral like I thought so home we came. She got the stomach virus the next day!!!

That night I looked at Cagney all curled up in bed and I thought..........I wish I were you! It must be nice to sleep all day, have someone feed you even if it is the same thing over and over, fart and not be embarrassed, get lots of rubs, and to not have to bathe everyday and still have my hair that shiny. I think that I could even handle licking my own butt if it meant that I could quit dealing with everyone else's.

Needless to say we all managed to get well for Thanksgiving and Wayne actually waited until Sunday night to get the stomach bug! There was a huge dining room fiasco during this whole thing but that is for another blog entirely.


Allison, Tyler, & Julia said...

Well I am so glad the kids and I missed out on the stomach flu but we did miss spending Thanksgiving with you all! Well we did have a wonderful visit from Rod though. Unfortunately Julia gave everyone but Rod a horrible cold and I couldn't really kiss my husband goodbye all that much since I did not want to get him sick for the flight back. We Love and Miss you!!

Jen C, aka Dotti said...

Wow! so sorry to hear about all the sickness and drama in your house....I'm exhausted for you. 2 sick babies IS NO FUN!!

How is Wayne feeling after the big V?