Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Another Year Older....

and, hopefully wiser. I had a wonderful birthday this year filled with a nice surprise. My birthday actually arrived this year with little thought from me. It was not a major milestone and I had my hands full with being a mom and wife. So I was naturally shocked to see my Mom and Ms. Janet walking in the Chick-fil-a on Friday, April 4th. Wayne has been so busy with work lately that I really did not think he would have the time to plan anything and I figured that we would just hang out and maybe have dinner. Wrong....he made plans with my Mom & Ms. Janet to come in for the weekend and he had a surprise party on Saturday night with a yummy Ice Cream Cake....my absolute favorite!

Thank you Wayne for a very special weekend! I had a great time and I enjoyed all my presents.

I love you, Today!

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Jen C, aka Dotti said...

Many happy belated wishes!!!! I'm SO SORRY I missed the day!!!

Glad you had a great day and snaps to Wayne for a great surprise...glad you got to celebrate with your mom and Janet!