Friday, February 29, 2008

Some Pictures

It has been a busy month for us but that is really nothing new at all. Wayne has been working long hours and the girls are definitely keeping me on my toes. All in all February has been a good month and I cannot believe how fast time is going right now. Please tell me that it will slow down!!!!

Laurel is almost a year old and that is very hard for me to believe. It really seems like we just had her a couple of months ago. The first year with Mary Claire actually felt like a year, and that is probably because Wayne and I were clueless about children and parenting. I would like to think that we have grown wise in some ways; definitely still clueless for the most part. Laurel has had her first stomach bug this month and another ear infection...needless to say, I am so ready for hot weather and well children. She is now pulling up in her crib and pulling up with furniture somewhat. It is funny though because she pulls up and cannot figure out how to get back down. I think because she is so tall she becomes very frightened at the aspect of falling on her bottom. I would too considering that it is a pretty far drop.

Mary Claire is becoming more independent if you can believe that! She is also talking non-stop. Her vocabulary has exploded these past few months and since she can really communicate she never stops talking and I do mean NEVER. By the end of the night I sometimes find myself watching mute TV and then realize that I am just enjoying a moment of silence. For the most part I think our tantrums are becoming less but we are definitely getting into more trouble. I am not sure trouble is the right word for it because it is completely normal behavior but I am having problems coming up with another term to describe it. Maybe I should say that it is more trouble for me as a mom in that I find myself constantly on guard. These are some events that have taken place in the past two weeks.

1. Wayne is working late. I am at home with a child (Laurel) who is vomiting and Mary Claire who is extremely constipated. I get Mary Claire squared away and am in the process of giving another bath to Laurel and cleaning up vomit when I hear the words: Look Mama...It is POWDER. Mary Claire has emptied an entire container of powder on to our couch. Loads of fun for me since I already have my hands very full. Not too mention that cleaning powder off your couch is not very fun!

2. Wayne is working late again!! We are getting ready to head over to a friends to watch American Idol and I am going to put the kids to bed over there. I bathed Mary Claire early in the day so I would only have to bath Laurel. I put in a movie for Mary Claire and proceed to bath Laurel and get everything together. When I come out I find Mary Claire on the couch covered in hand soap. She has gotten the soap out of the bathroom and covered her body in it. So it took another bath to get that taken care of.

3. Lately Mary Claire has become obsessed with Lotion. We lotion her and Laurel after their baths but she always wants to play in it for some reason. I have told her that we only use lotion after our baths but she insists on getting in it at every opportunity. Today I am doing laundry and fixing lunch when I walk in the room and discover Mary Claire on my bed covered in lotion. So I finally put it away and out of her reach....I should have done this a long time ago but like I mentioned earlier I am still mostly CLUELESS!

I will post a picture of Mary Claire in the lotion at the bottom of this post but I failed to take pictures of the other two events. I really found myself aggravated and wanting to drink hard liquor because I was exhausted by that time of day! However, I want to remember all these things because I know I will find it really funny when she is older. And it will be fun to talk about when she is dealing with her children one day...that is if she chooses to have any!

Wayne and I are staying extremely busy lately and are finding it very hard to spend any real time together. I am hoping that we can steal a weekend away sometime this summer. Wayne and his team have been working on a huge deal and finally won it this past week! However that comes with a lot more work for them....the joys of a one income family. I have started working out again and this time I have a workout partner. I am still going strong after only 5 weeks but I have to say that it is the outlet that I have been needing. I am also taking my first sewing class next weekend. I have had a sewing machine since Wayne and I got married and really have no clue on how to use it so I am about to learn.

Anyhow that is what is going on with the crew!


Sunny said...

So cute!

Jen C, aka Dotti said...

Remember when we were silly and naive and thought to ourselves "why would a SAHM hire a nanny?"....oh silly girls we once were!!

Yeah, I think the only way I could describe what our little ones are doing is Toddlerisms...not being naughty but not being nice either.

Hopefully Wayne won't be working too many more crazy hours and I hear you on warmer days.....just keep swimming, just keep swimming (for all you Nemo fans out there).


The Proctors said...

I loved the update! Those pictures of Mary Claire and the lotion are priceless! I'm glad you guys are doing well and I have to agree that I'm ready for warmer weather and healthy children!!

The Fawley Family said...

What cute pictures!! what I have to look forward to with the soap and lotion!! :)