Thursday, January 31, 2008

Catching up!

Wow! I cannot believe that January 08 is already ending! We have had a very busy month. It takes me a while to get back into the routine of things after the holidays. I think that we are finally there though and I am glad of it!

I was worried about Mary Claire starting back to school after having a break but she never missed a beat. She is learning so much and it is amazing to witness all the changes. She is literally speaking in full sentences. She is also potty training and is doing amazing. She has started doing #1 in her potty and is not having many accidents at all. I am sure it will take sometime to get her fully potty trained but we seem to be on the way and that is amazing in itself because as most of you know this is not my most favorite thing to do....HA!

Laurel has gone from army crawling to cruising and she is really on her big sister's heels these days. She has also starting saying Da Da and is babbling a good bit. I wonder if she will be a talker like her sister? She has three new teeth on the top and another one on its way so we now have a total of 5 teeth.

Mary Claire and Laurel are interacting a lot more these days and it is fun to watch. They are not always happy to be around each other but that is to be expected. Mary Claire is a little bossy and Laurel likes to annoy her sister by trying to play with everything Mary Claire is interested in. I am sure they will figure everything out soon enough.

We actually had two days of snow this month in the same week. It was beautiful and Mary Claire had an absolute blast playing in it. Wayne and I had a great time too. Although Wayne tried to kill himself sledding on the golf course and it took a couple of days for him to recover.

I had my first case of strep throat and for anyone that has ever had this you know it is just awful. Thankfully I got some antibiotics and got over it fairly quick. Mary Claire actually caught it from me and is on antibiotics but doing very well. We are keeping our fingers crossed that Laurel does not catch it.

Here are some pictures from our snow days that I have been meaning to post.

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Jen C, aka Dotti said...

Wow! I can't get over how much snow you got...a little part of Chicago followed you there.